Welcome to 713Maker.com

We are a micro-manufacturer

We offer rapid prototyping and micro-manufacturing services, including CAD design, CNC milling, 3D printing, and custom anodization.  We also manufacture our own carbon fiber and fiberglass panels.

We are makers too!

713Maker.com grew out of our frustration of needing that one special bit or bot to finish a project.  We know how frustrating it can be to pay very high prices, wait long lead times for a part, or not meet a minimum order size requirement. Through our personal projects and client builds, we have acquired many skills and some great equipment, including CNC mills and large format 3D printers. Yet we’ve found that our machines are often idle in between projects.  We also realize that others may not have easy access to raw materials and these types of machines. That is why 713Maker.com offers others the opportunity for you to take advantage of the services and skills we have acquired.  We realize the challenges makers face and we’d like to help.

We offer per job pricing with no set up fees and no minimum order size.  Your job, one price. You’ll know the exact cost before we even get started on your job.  We specialize in one-time or small-batch jobs.

Let us help bring your ideas to life.

Contact us for more information about your custom job.


CNC Mills:

Custom built, full ball screw, all metal, CNC mill (named Fred)

Inventables X-Carve

Inventables Shapeoko 2

3D Printers:

Rostock Max v2

Customized Folger Tech FT-5


On site anodization station

Carbon fiber/fiberglass:

2 custom carbon fiber/fiberglass panel layup stations

CAD Design

We can translate your idea or technical drawing into a CAD model. We can also CNC mill or 3D print your job, as needed.  Click here for additional information.

CNC Milling

We can handle jobs up to 31x20.5x6 inches (3 axis only), in many different materials.  We can also mill custom circuit boards.  More information available about our machines and capabilities here.

3D Printing

We have 2, large format, custom 3D printers, ready and waiting for your printing needs.

Please click here for additional information.


Once milled, we can anodize your custom aluminum part.  We offer over a dozen color choices.

Click here for more information about this service.


We are continuously updating this website so please check back often for more detailed information, and additional products and services.  

**Feel free to contact us with any comments/questions and for custom job quotes.**

Rostock - Effector Plates


Custom Hot End Mounts

and Effector Plates for SeeMeCNC

Rostock Max and Orion 3D Printers

Our custom hot end mounts and effector plates

are CNC milled out of aluminum, virtually guaranteeing

that your hot end will not shift during printing.

Custom anodized to your choice of colors.

Click here for all the details and ordering information

for mounts, and click here for effector plates.

Custom Folger Tech FT-5 Parts

Our custom FT-5 parts are milled out of aluminum which provide the FT-5 with amazing stability and beauty.

We are offering the following parts: frame brackets, extruder mount kit, heated bed plate, bed platform, and the left/right upper plates.  

Coming soon:  We will be offering a Deluxe Full Metal Kit.  This kit will make all FT-5 pieces in aluminum (pieces that house electronics are omitted)

Click here for all the details and ordering information.  

Carbon Fiber panels

Our carbon fiber panels are made 100% in house.  We offer multiple finishing options, including your choice of carbon fiber weave and exotic hybrid material face layers.

Our carbon fiber panels are currently produced with RC customers in mind however they can be used in many additional applications.

Please click here for additional information.

Fiberglass panels

Fiberglass panels are a cost effective alternative to carbon fiber panels and are made 100% in house.  Most commonly they are used for prototyping or budget friendly projects.  

Our fiberglass panels are currently produced with RC customers in mind however they can be used in many additional applications.

Please click here for additional information.