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Frame Bracket Kit (set of 21 pieces) - $65

These CNC milled frame brackets are designed to

replace the stock melamine brackets that hold the frame of

the printer together (part numbers FT1 & FT2).

Each bracket is milled from Alca 1/4” 5083

aluminum, which makes your printer

frame rock solid and no-longer susceptible to changes in

humidity.  Our brackets bolt onto the printer using the

stock fasteners, making this a quick and easy upgrade.

This kit contains 13 “L” (FT1) and 8 “T” (FT2) brackets, for a total

of 21 pieces. Each “L” bracket has a 4 bolt pattern, and each

“T” bracket has a 5 bolt pattern.  They are the same thickness

as the stock melamine pieces.  

At this time we are only offering these pieces in the

non-anodized shiny finish (may show minor tooling marks).

Please contact us to see how we can help bring your ideas to life.

Custom Folger Tech FT-5 3D Printer Parts

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All metal pieces are CNC milled from Alca 1/4” 5083 series toolplate or MIC 6 aluminum.  Some pieces can be anodized to your choice of colors here.  At this time we are not offering anodization on all pieces, those exceptions are noted below.

Please note our kits are designed to reuse the stock hardware that came with your FT-5.  If our parts require additional or different hardware, it will be included with your kit, unless otherwise noted below.

Waiting list and shipping info

Due to high demand we ask that you please add your name to the FT-5 parts waiting list, below.  The list will ask you to specify which parts/kits you are interested in.  We will contact you via email, in the order in which you signed up, as parts are milled and available.  At that time we will verify the cost of your order and shipping rates. We will then send you a PayPal invoice and after payment, we expect your order will ship within 4-7 days.   We have been working very hard to design these parts to be as light as we can in order to minimize shipping costs, without sacrificing structural integrity.

We appreciate your understanding that it may take us a bit of time to get caught up with the high demand.  Poor Fred and Hank (our mills) are working his end mills off!

These pieces are now being sold as a kit or individually.  Since they

have been extensively modified from the original melamine pieces and

have tighter tolerances built in, we highly recommend

buying the whole kit for best performance.

The Y & Z motor mount pieces are fully compatible

with Astrosyn style stepper motor dampers.

Due to the size of these pieces, anodizing them would be

quite costly, therefore we only offer the pieces of this kit

in the shiny (non-anodized) finish, which may show minor

tooling marks.

Bed Platform  (1 piece)

This CNC milled aluminum bed platform is the piece

that the linear guide bearings and lead screw nuts

attach to.  It has been designed to replace part

number FT16. This piece has been re-designed

from the original and now has multiple cutout

sections that reduce the overall weight of the metal

platform.  Two M3 tapped holes have been added, one on

each side,to allow for the addition of thumb screws

(not included) used to fine tune your Z height easily and more

accurately.  In addition, the linear guide and lead screw

nut holes are now M3 tapped.  We also include 2 delron

spring loaded, anti-backlash, lead screw nuts to prevent the bed

from shifting on the Z-axis when the motors are unpowered.

Upper Plates (2 pieces)

These CNC milled aluminum plates are the pieces that

the top guides attach to and they help ensure that the entire

drive train is precisely aligned. (Replace part number FT17 and FT 18.

Eliminates FT3.) Additional tapped and pass through holes have

been added to separate the adjustments of the vertical (bed plate)

and the horizontal (gantry) guide systems.  You can now align the bed

plate without impacting the gantry alignment or vice versa.

Also included is a pair of all metal, bolt on, idler pulleys for the Y-axis.

Base Plates (7 pieces)                                                               

These CNC milled aluminum pieces replace part number FT23.  In order to minimize overall weight (and reduce shipping costs) while still maintaining rigidity, we’ve chosen a design that uses 5 aluminum sections combined with 2 non-metal inserts.  The aluminum sections combine to form the rigid structure while the inserts add a touch of style and form a fully sealed base.

Your kit will come with opaque black glossy acrylic inserts yet for a small additional fee, we also offer the inserts made out of carbon fiber or fiberglass in several colors and designs.

Rostock - Effector Plates

Drive Train Kit (set of 10 pieces) -  $180


Drive Train Individual Pieces:

Bed Platform - $65

Upper Plates - $50

Base Plates  - $65

Rostock - Effector Plates

Heated Bed Plate Kit (1 piece) - $60

This CNC milled heated bed plate is designed to replace the stock 12V heater.  

Each heated bed plate is designed with a shallow (1.5mm) milled out pocket to hold a 12x12in (300 x 300mm) silicone heated mat (not included). We designed it for and recommend the Keenovo brand silicon heater mats.  This pocket should fit most heated mats that are truly 300mm x 300mm.  It has been re-designed to accommodate a ground that was not in the original heated bed plate design and we have added 8 additional M3 threaded holes to aid in holding any print surface you choose to attach to this plate.  To provide the needed rigidity the heated bed plate is milled from 1/4” MIC 6 aluminum. A slight change has been made to this kit due to the switch to from 6061 stock to MIC 6 aluminum toolplate.  Due to this change in materials we have made a slight adjustment to the price of this kit.

We highly recommend using a print surface, attached atop this heated bed, such as glass (not included), to avoid and scratches or dings that may permanently impact print quality.

Please note that due to the widely varied methods of attaching a heated bed to the build plate, we do not provide springs or attachment hardware with this kit.

Due to the high temps that this bed will see, we are not able to anodize this piece, therefore

we only offer this piece in the shiny (non-anodized) finish, which may show minor tooling marks.

This CNC milled extruder mounting kit is designed to

replace the stock melamine extruder mounting pieces

(part numbers FT11, FT12, FT13, and FT13S.  Eliminated


Each piece has been re-designed from the original

Here are some of the enhancements:

optional accessories (lights, fans, etc.)  on the

lower FT13 piece only. (Standard design only)

chain movement

motor screws. It uses the standard mounting holes on the front of your motor.

Standard extruder mount - 142g

Stock stepper motor - 284g

Total = 426g

Ultralight extruder mount - 96g

Pancake stepper motor - 140g

Total = 236g

Ultralight weight savings (with pancake stepper) - 190g

This kit is offered in the two styles:


To be used with the original stepper motors (not included).

This is our redesign of the stock extruder mount and is

a direct bolt on replacement.


To be used with the original or pancake stepper motors

(not included). While it will work with the stock extruder this

design was created with the E3D Titan extruder, pancake

stepper, and V6 hot end in mind (not included). When used with

a pancake stepper it is approximately 190g lighter than the

standard design and standard stepper motor.  

Reduced mass of the print head assembly means more efficient

movements and reduced shake at higher print speeds.

At this time we are only offering these pieces in the

non-anodized shiny finish (may show minor tooling marks).

Extruder Mounting Kit (4 pieces) - $40

What are the benefits of these FT-5 replacement parts?

Our replacement parts are made from precision tool plate aluminum which will provide amazing stability and will help to maintain your machine’s accuracy.  These parts improve the long term durability and reliability of your printer and they won’t wear out over time or warp like melamine, wood, or 3D printed parts can in humid environments.

The custom finishing and colors provide your machine with that extra pop of color.

And the best thing is….

Where possible, these parts were designed to use the stock hardware that was provided with your printer.

This CNC milled gantry mounting kit is designed to

replace the stock melamine pieces

(part numbers FT5, FT7, FT8, FT9, and FT10. Eliminated FT4)

Each piece has been re-designed from the original

Here are some of the enhancements:

reduce to allow for better belt clearance

& FT7 parts which allow the gantry to sit

completely flush

for the X-axis

limit switch. This eliminates the need for

nylock fasteners

motor dampers

and the wire management point

At this time we are only offering these pieces in the

non-anodized shiny finish (may show minor tooling marks).

Gantry Kit (6 pieces) - $40

Deluxe Kit - $375

The Deluxe Kit includes all parts listed in all kits above.

You save $10 plus the cost of multiple shipping fees, by purchasing the deluxe kit compared to purchasing all kits separately, as your FT5 parts wear out.

Special Note:

We would like to apologize for the delay. Please be aware that even though some kits are now shipping, we are still working through a considerable backlog.  We appreciate your continued patience.


See below for details

We are pleased to announce that we are now shipping extruder and gantry kits.  

We are now working our way down the waiting list for these kits.  Once the orders from the list are fulfilled, we plan to add buttons to purchase the extruder and gantry kits directly from this website.

We are working diligently to finish the install of our large format CNC mill and to start production of the large kit pieces soon.

Additional updates can be found on our facebook page here  https://www.facebook.com/713maker/

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